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The SLCCenter is currently the only owner of the digital aerial photography complex of the Israeli company VisionMap in Ukraine. This complex consists of the A3 Edge aerial camera and the LightSpeed aerial imaging system.

The A3 Edge is a versatile mapping system that is widely known for its performance. The camera covers large areas in record time, surveying up to 1000 square meters. km per hour in high resolution. The camera uses a unique two-lens oscillation mechanism, providing a wide angle of view up to 110 ° and a picture size of up to 78,000 pixels. This, in turn, enables long-distance aerial photography, providing fast coverage of the required area and simultaneous collection of close-up and perspective images, making the A3 Edge ideal for 3D modeling of cities.

LightSpeed is an innovative photogrammetric processing system that automatically processes thousands of square kilometers per day to solve a variety of photogrammetric tasks. A complete processing cycle provides high-precision aero-triangulation output, digital  terrain models, orthophotos, stereoscopic models for stereo decryption, and perspective images. LightSpeed capabilities allow accurate geospatial data to be obtained short terms, without the use of DGPS ground stations and anchor points, making this system ideal for rapid response and emergency applications.

Combined, the A3 Edge aerial camera and LightSpeed’s automated data processing system deliver end-to-end photogrammetric products with sub-pixel accuracy up to 4-5 times faster than other commercial systems.


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