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The StateGeoCadastre has obtained the Certificate of Compliance for the Integrated System of Information Protection (hereinafter referred to as the ISIP) of the State Land Cadastre Automated System (hereinafter referred to as the AS of SLC), registered in Administration of State Service of Special Communication Administration from 29.07.2016  No.14178, valid until 29.07.2021.

According to the organizational and operational documentation on the ISIP AS of SLC established the procedure for deployment and granting the access to the typical workplace of a third-party user to the workstation of a state-owned enterprise (document 24932263.002M7) “Typical workplace of a third-party user of the State Land Cadastre Automated System. Comprehensive information security system. How to Deploy a Typical Workplace ”).

The StateGeoCadastre is ready in accordance with document 24932263.002M7 to ensure the implementation of the necessary measures for granting the access to the State Land Cadastre, in case the third-party user provides the fulfillment of the requirements of the mentioned document,  by obtaining a certified copy of the Certificate of Compliance and the expert conclusion on the technical decision for ISIP at the typical workplace of the third-party user (hereinafter referred to as TWP ) of the AS of SLC and to provide to the StateGeoCadastre and the administrator of the AS SLC  the copy of the order on the introduction  in  industrial operating of the TWP AS SLC.


The software complex of the network connections  protection client  “IIT Protection of connections – 2.  Connections  protection client” works with unsecured sources of key information, and also with protected sources of key information  type “Crystal-1” “Diamond-1K”,  which do have issued positive expert conclusions on the results of state expertise in the fields of cryptographic and technical protection of information.

Contact phones:

on the issues of access legitimacy – The StateGeoCadastre Office:   (044) 249-96-83;

on issues of procedure of granting the access  – Administrator of the AS SLC  “State Land Cadastre Center”:

local authorities  – (044) 454-02-72

notaries – 067-245-79-90.

According to the Law of Ukraine “On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine on Expanding the Authorities of Local Authorities and  optimizing the Provision of Administrative Services” from 10 December, 2015 No. 888 (hereinafter – the Law), State Enterprise “State Land Cadastre Centre” (hereinafter: – SLC Center), as the administrator of the Cadastre, takes measures aimed at fulfilling the requirements specified by the Law.

An algorithm for connection, technical and technological support of access to the information of the State Land Cadastre in read mode.

An algorithm for providing access to the information of the State Land Cadastre to authorized officials of executive bodies of local authorities  and administrative centers of services provision.

Application to gain the access to the information of the State Land Cadastre in read mode.


Інструкція користувача по роботі  у програмному забезпеченні Державного земельного кадастру при наданні відомостей з Державного земельного кадастру (Витяг про земельну ділянку).

Automated workstation requirements.

The service on the access to the information of the State Land Cadastre in read mode.

Application for access to the information of the State Land Cadastre